GBBT-AUTO Automated Glass Bottle Burst Tester is a full-automatic instrument for testing the internal pressure resistance of glass containers. The GBBT-AUTO adopts full automated controlling system, no operator is required during the test process, and the test data will be sent to the data acquisition system automatically, making the test procedure easier and more efficient.

Designed for easy operation and maintenance, comply with the testing standard of ISO 7458:2004.

The pressure test of containers is made up to a predefined pressure point (pass test) or until destruction or reaches the maximum test pressure. Pressure ramping rate customizable makes it more flexible towards different test requirements. Different cycle settings, up to 16 pre-stored cycles, users can select the corresponding cycle rapidly according to different products without modifying the settings. It is able to set up to 4 steps for the tests.

As a standard quality control instrument for the glass container industry, it offers an important technical reference to the manufacturers for maintaining or improving the product quality and performance


 Auto testing, unattended process, cost effective and more efficient.

 Results auto send to software or data acquisition system, more accurate and reliable

 PLC integrated, using by touch screen, simple and intuitive

 Different cycle settings, up to 4 pre-stored cycles. It is able to set up to 4 steps (4 pressure level and holding time, the pressure level and holding time is customizable), more flexible towards different test requirements.

 Pre-stored cycles, easy selection and convenient

 Linear pressurization

 Can store 10 operators and 30 products

 User defines the product lot number and sequence number

 Reviews the real-time testing curve

 Stainless steel design ensures the durability of tester

 Advanced safety door design, ensures the safety of operator

Automatic clamping and filling system

 Overload protection

Technical specifications:

 Measuring range: 0-63 bar

 Resolution: 0.1 bar

 Units: bar/psi

 Power: 220 V / 50Hz

 Power dissipation: 1000 VA

 Air supply: 6~8 bar

 Water supply: Tap water, ≥1.5 bar

 Sample range: Max capacity: 3.5 L

Automatic sample detection

and deliver system

Finish Dimension: Inner dimension: 15 mm,

Outer diameter: 32 mm

Neck dimensions: 25-33 mm

Technical specifications:

  • Measuring range: 0 – 20 bar
  • Resolution:1 bar
  • Pressure Unit: bar, psi
  • Samplerange: Up to 20 L kegs (larger by order)
  • Expansionin volume: Up to 35 L
  • Power supply:AC 220V (AC 110 V optional)
  • Pressurerequired: ≥1.5 bar water / 20 bar air source
  • Temperature range: 0 to 50 °C
  • Temperature unit: °C, °F
  • Rear Panel: RS232 serial output
  • Language: English / French / Spanish / Portuguese / Polish / Chinese
  • Dimensions:1075 (L) × 1050 (W) × 1310 (H) mm
  • Net weight: 350 kg


Optional parts:

  • Water recycling system
  • Additional booster
  • Mini printer
  • Calibration pack (including high accuracy pressure gauge for pressure calibration / calibration graduated flask / spacer)
  • “QualiBurst” Data management Software

Fill ramp mode:

Under this mode, the PET kegs are pressurized rapidly to the initially preset pressure and maintained for a given time (for example 13 seconds). Then continue to increase the pressure with a speed like 0.7 bar/s (speed is settable) until the outbreak of the bottle or reaching the max pressure or volume. Preset parameter includes: initial pressure, Hold time and ramp speed.


Burst mode:

Under this mode, PET keg will be pressurized rapidly to the initially preset pressure and maintained for a predefined period. Preset parameter includes: initial pressure, Hold time and Expansion limit.


Custom mode:

Under this mode, user is able to create the pressure curve to meet the particular conditions of control. Users can define the pressure curve by steps, after the adjustment is made, the corresponding curve will