AT2E CO2DA – Automatic Shaker & CO2 Calculator is a special instrument which is for calculating the carbon dioxide content in the filled drink in glass/PET bottles and cans. The simple operation which also guarantees high reproducibility makes it become a significant equipment of quality control in the beverage industry.

ACWD-1 – Automatic Bottle Cutting & Weighing Device

The AT2E ACWD-1 Automatic Bottle Cutting & Weighing Device offers an automated and cost saving way for cutting
containers for section weight analysis. Automatic cutting and weighing, automated process controlling, ensures the
cutting accuracy and repeatability, increases the analyzing accuracy, provides a better solution for bottle section weight
analysis and more reliable data.

CET-1 Cork Extraction Tester

CET-1 Cork Extraction Tester is a force test system. It has been designed for wine producer and cork manufacturing industries. Easy to use, it allows to measure cork extraction or insertion and permits to improve the cork products and assembly/sealing process.
CET-1 ensures a repeatedly and accurate measure to check the push-in or pull-off force necessary to insert or extract the cork from bottles.
This is a standard test to ensure the Cork manufacturer or wine producer to let the end consumer open easily the bottle. It also allows to maintain the wine quality.