PLS – Production Line simulator

DescriptionPhotosDescription The PLS Production Line Simulator allows to simulate in a reproducible and accelerated way the friction on a packaging line. The testing process simulates the abrasions associated with contacts between bottles, typical of packaging lines. It is the ideal device for determining the build quality of glass bottles as well as their coatings, decorations…

BTT-1 Bottle Tilt Tester

DescriptionPhotosDescription Bottle Tilt Tester is a standard equipment to measure and evaluate the bottles resistance to tilt Mainly used by glass, beverages, pharmaceutical, cosmetic industries. BTT-1 is friendly use with is touch screen control to start test, adjust tilt angle, and speed. BTT-1 automatically detects falls during test. It’s equipped with non-contact visual sensors. Breaking…

BTLT- 2 Glass Bottle Top Load Tester – Maximum Top Load Resistance Tester for Glass Bottles

The BTLT-1 is an instrument for testing the resistance to Top load effort on glass containers. It has been widely used by the glass container manufacturers and users. As a standard testing instrument for the glass container industry, it offers an important technical reference to the manufacturers for maintaining or improving the product quality and performance.

CET-1 Cork Extraction Tester

CET-1 Cork Extraction Tester is a force test system. It has been designed for wine producer and cork manufacturing industries. Easy to use, it allows to measure cork extraction or insertion and permits to improve the cork products and assembly/sealing process.
CET-1 ensures a repeatedly and accurate measure to check the push-in or pull-off force necessary to insert or extract the cork from bottles.
This is a standard test to ensure the Cork manufacturer or wine producer to let the end consumer open easily the bottle. It also allows to maintain the wine quality.

BT ETA FORCE – Dynamometric Force Bottle

AT2E’s BT ETA FORCE includes a special mechanical design permitting to avoid all influence from non-coaxial efforts. It’s also built in a high speed electronic reading of measurements. Device can be custom-made according to different bottle or can profile. Using with our BT ETA Measure software, it’s very convenient for users to save, manage and analyse the data.