CET-1 Cork Extraction Tester is a force test system. It has been designed for wine producer and cork manufacturing industries. Easy to use, it allows to measure cork extraction or insertion and permits to improve the cork products and assembly/sealing process.

CET-1 ensures a repeatedly and accurate measure to check the push-in or pull-off force necessary to insert or extract the cork from bottles.

This is a standard test to ensure the Cork manufacturer or wine producer to let the end consumer open easily the bottle. It also allows to maintain the wine quality.




  • Insert the corkscrew into the cork.
  • Install the bottle into the adapted support.
  • Hook the extractor into the corkscrew.
  • Apply a linear tensile action to the cork.
  • Release the cork from the bottle, while the bottle is hold firmly.
  • Maximum pull out/ push in force displays on the force gauge.


  • Robust and reproducible tester
  • Handle allows an easy operation
  • Bottles range: (75cl, 50cl).
  • Column with height adjustment
  • Linear guide ensures axial guidage
  • Calibration certificate

Technical data:

  • Capacity : 100, 200, 500N
  • Accuracy : 0.25% FS
  • Resolution : 0.1 N
  • Speed rate : 1000 Hz
  • Linear guide ensures axial guidage
  • Available : Digital or analog gauge