SeamCheck – Automatic Double Seam Projector

Seaming quality is critical and important for can inspection. And it’s the one of the most concerned point for can, beverage and food manufacturing companies. AT2E SeamCheck Automatic Double Seam Projector provides the most convenient way to accomplish the seam inspection.
Using with AT2E seam saw, a clear seam section image could be obtained. Along with professional SeamCheck software, a fast and accurate seam measurement could be done.


AT2E ER-1 Enamel Rater offers a fast and accurate method to measure the integrality of internal coating of containers. A measuring will be started automatically when the electrical probe is inserted and contacts the solution inside the container.
The position of exposed metal can be detected visually by pressing the “REVERSE” button. Bubbles of gas come out on the exposed poin

Precision Balance

Many typical laboratory functions have been expanded to include a clear graphics screen, which shows the relevant information visually and makes it significantly easier to operate and read the weights off the display Navigation pad for super quick navigation through the menus 40 memories for each mode Extensive print formats – up to 20 lines

GBBT-2 Glass Bottle Burst Tester (Explosion Tester for Glass Bottle – Dual Stations)

The GBBT-2 is an instrument for testing the internal pressure resistance of glass containers. It has been widely used by the glass container manufacturers and users. As a standard testing instrument for the glass container industry, it offers an important technical reference to the manufacturers for maintaining or improving the product quality and performance.