AT2E ER-1 Enamel Rater offers a fast and accurate method to measure the integrality of internal coating of containers. A measuring will be started automatically when the electrical probe is inserted and contacts the solution inside the container.

The position of exposed metal can be detected visually by pressing the “REVERSE” button. Bubbles of gas come out on the exposed points.

Measuring principle:

The instrument applies a constant micro-voltage across the can body and an electrode immersed in the electrolytic water filled, and measuring the resulting current. Voltage during the test is 6.3 V DC. The operating range is 0 to 300 milliampere with an accuracy of resolution of 0.01 milliampere.

The cover support comprises a container mounted on a pivot. The cup is beveled to make a tight seal on the can cover. An electrode and the connection to the vacuum in the container are mounted. On the base, a valve for creating a vacuum and a movable arm, complete the electrical circuit when the assembly is inverted.

Measuring modes:

  • 4 second mode: The reading will be displayed only at 4 seconds.
  • Continuous mode: The changing current reading will be displayed during all the measuring time. It will not stop displaying until operator’s order.
  • User-defined mode: The reading will be displayed at the setting time by operator.



  • Test the coverage of theenamel coatinginsidecanned food, beverages, tubes and aerosolsas well asthe different types of
  • Displaysan index ofthe amount of metalexposed byincompleteenamelcoverage.
  • Integrated 7” LCD touch screen and user friendly interface offers the easy-operation.
  • Operator, product, sample & batch number can be memorized
  • RS 232 output.
  • Userself-
  • Detect theexposed position of metal.

Technical specifications:

  • Sample range: 2-pcs can, 3-pcs can, aerosol can, tube and differenttypes ofcovers
  • Can sample capacity: by order
  • End sample capacity: by order
  • Measuring range: 0 to300 mA
  • Resolution: 0.01mA
  • Accuracy: ±5% F.S.
  • Power supply:DC 12V
  • Data output:RS232 serialoutput
  • Main frame dimension:212(L) x185(W) x150(H) mm
  • Can holder dimension: 200(L) x 235(W) x 370(H) mm
  • Net weight: 5 kg (including can holder)
  • Cover support (foot switch is equipped, vacuum source is not equipped)