TMV-ECO Torque Tester

Our torque testers are designed with a special mechanical system for measuring torque, which cancels most non-coaxial and top load influences of the operator on the measurement. These features can optimize the experiment to maximize repeatability and viability. Our ECO model is entirely mechanical, which means it doesn’t need any electricity to operate and can…

BT ETA TORQUE – Dynamometric Torque Bottle

AT2E’s BT ETA TORQUE is built in with special mechanism permitting to avoid top load influence on measurement. It’s also built in a high speed electronic reading of measurements. Device can be custom-made according to different bottle or can profile. Using with our BT ETA Measure software, it’s very convenient for users to save, manage and analyse the data.

BT ETA TORQUE ECO – Dynamometric Torque Bottle

Our Torque meters are designed with a special mechanical system for measuring torque which cancels most non- coaxial and top load influences on the measurement. These features cancel most operator influences on the measurement for maximum repeatability.
The new AT2E BT ETA TORQUE ECO has been developed in order to allow operators and calibration team to check in a fast way the accuracy of any torque testers.